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The opposite sex closes hire nuncupative memoir: of cheek high and steep > bed

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Goodwife - Jiang Mei, sichuan person, 29 years old, public relations young lady

Male host - A Fang, jiangsu person, 31 years old, free contributor

Occupy the ground now - in the center of Nanjing city road

After having a job, my life is such all the time. By day, mediate is mixed at the person between the person. Dignified attire, arrogant expression, must change the face that learns goods illuminative exhaustion with one caboodle, choke and desolate; In the evening, the happiness that the night brings is approximately extravagant. The lead of come out a suit China, it is him bubble in bath crock, slowly, lay down slowly, choke happy however. The job of high strenth let that blamed furrow mount canthus prematurely. Coffee, computer, insomnia also is gobbling up my health in ruthless ground. But I like such life, it lets me have cursed reason, have the reason of dejected, even, have degenerate reason. Gregarious, dinner party, do not have destination chaos to go on the street in the middle of the night. Rise in the morning only in looking at lens dirty oneself, I just feel can clearly panicky. As lone women, I have a kind of instinctive fear, to the life, to feeling, it is such. Once had imagined romantic chasteness commonly like the child

Amour, the result is touched black and bluely, on emotive road bag bag turns, discover actually neither one man can believe suddenly between face about. 3 men that mark once left in life gave me enough ache, one the longest interacted 3 years with me, this OK thinking that repair Cheng Zhengguo, did not think of to still part finally, for money, he succumbs the wealthy old woman at ten million of a social status, aux would rather live live without emotive, this is the reality explanation to the man.

This world is so inequitable, for this, I also had cried, had been troubled by, hate passes, but what effect can you have again so? Lose had lost after all, won't come back again forever, this is the reality that changes without method. From the illusion, look forward to disappointed, despair, the man became a pair of bane, call me to dare not be close to casually, I also had thought, perhaps I do not need love, just need a right man or an appropriate marriage, only should a right man is in proper when appear, can treat me well, can give us collective home with warmth, perhaps I can marry her. Want, oneself still are ground to make the same score by the life after all, must compromise to reality.

Did fast lone woman of two years, in my heart already very tired out, the fluster that lone woman encounters constantly and helpless the life that lets me must examine me afresh. I do not need love, I am very clear it can make I this desultorily the day is more crowded. In fact, I also am pestered without more time and energy among them. Moreover, I am the woman of an unruly, I need absolute freedom. Feeling is luxury me to,

I do not have the luxury that capital consumes. But I need a man, in bulb bad, faucet is bad, my man can be helped when air conditioning became bad. Then, I thought of an eclectic method, the opposite sex closes hire.
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