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The opposite sex closes hire have 3 kinds of state of mind

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State of mind one

Mr Wu of president assistant holds the post of in a company, the opposite sex was released to close on the net hire information, leave connection way. Reporter in order to rent a house person the identity dialed a telephone, after all sorts of circumstances that enquired rental house first, explore the ground asks: "Why to meet special tag should seek a female to close hire? " Mr Wu expresses, he is Hangzhou person, work to Beijing before New Year partly, friend of it doesn't matter. Go to work at ordinary times busy, but come off work to feel the day is provoking, the feeling is in alone foreign land is especially alone, the hope is built " a home to return to feels " .

State of mind 2

The reporter was dialed had begun the opposite sex to add up to the college graduate that hire the phone of Miss Chen. Miss Chen says: "I choose the opposite sex to close hire, the mainest is to consider economic issue. I just had a job, salary is not high, two people partake chummage can ease a few pressure. " understand according to the reporter, opposite sex of a lot of choices joins the person that hire, considering economic factor is the first, just be to close the sexual issue that hires associate next.

State of mind 3

The reporter sees a such cards on search room net: "I do not have a girlfriend now, live together with parents, because the home is medium the room is little, and the place that goes to work from me is far, want to look for a girl to close now hire in east the two bedrooms near straight door. Be restricted only girl Oh, male calculated, the person that because did not allow me to still can be encountered,has lot, ah, I call Xiaoguo. " subsequently, the QQ mark that the reporter leaves through Xiaoguo and he acquired connection. Xiaoguo is very candid, tell me him disposition is optimistic, the hope can meet a girl through closing the kind that leases a building, pass " collective life " farther understanding the other side. Two people do not have a feeling to become common friend, if the feeling arranges its nature... flow one: Before signing a contract " tell sb's fortune by reading his face " " tell sb's fortune by reading his face " lessor if opposite sex lessor is house-owner, want to examine house property card and house-owner id card carefully, if have doubt to these certificate, still can ask for the capture such as cable television, gas, water, report to expend a proof to house-owner, the full name that sees these prooves go up whether with conform to of this person full name. If opposite sex lessor is not landlord, however relet building, second tenant (consider the person with chummage of opposite sex lessor namely) be about with the opposite sex building relet contract is signed between lessor. Encounter this kind of circumstance to want to notice at 2 o'clock: The first, want to see its whether house-owner permits the written agreement of relet, had better contact with house-owner, affirm the property right position of the building. The 2nd, second because tenant did not sign a contract with landlord, do not have any jural right obligation to concern with landlord so, the loss that causes to renting content by tenant (namely the opposite sex lessor of article middle finger) compensation.
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