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The opposite sex closes hire repair Cheng Zhengguo eventually, hire a room to ch

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Editor's note: Wave outer, hardship hits berth those who go all out the home that we always hope to build to belong to his in beautiful city, although this home is others paid " borrow " give us, but a home to return to that the heart that can make us lonely finds to be able to perch temporarily. Or cry, or laugh, or noisy, or be troubled by... no matter be the drain that belongs to which kinds of mood, our life can become accordingly rich and colorful, hire the joys and sorrows of life in room career, deduced lots and lots of brilliant old practices that rent a house.

The opposite sex closes hire Xiu Chengzheng to hire a room to change if really bridal chamber

The person says everything expects hard, if it is so. I am to be born in Xiamen to grow the Xiamen person in Xiamen, never had wanted to want to hire a room to get along, cannot think of I am met more " hire " to a husband, but, thing however so happened, I began the life that rent a house not only, and also began matrimony.

Get an electric shock first " the opposite sex closes hire "

The thing began from 2005 to speak of in September even, await me in those days already college graduate had a job, be ended student career, want to begin another phase of life, but because had not left parents as a child, the person photograph that lives to different ground job with those is compared, I appear very " feebleminded " , independent, provide for oneself ability extreme difference, dilettante experience also made many having a deficit eat on he is on-the-job field. Then, after the course considers cautiously, I made a bold decision, the decision leaves parents, oneself hire a house to live to the outside, with period exercise oneself through independent life.

My this one decision sufferred maternal opposition, she is understanding of my this kind of behavior " ask for trouble " , but I am determined however ground action rises, begin to implement the plan that rent a house. Considering is to rent a house for the first time after all, I chose to close with college fellow student hire, then we two schoolgirls began to seek a room hardly. The person that has hired a house knows, it is not easy to should find the house that suits oneself to have many, eventually, after turning over suffering to search, we took a fancy to the house with the better side such as a position, price, form a complete set in new residential quarter of peace and happiness, what make us exclusively hesitant is, still schoolboy and we close hire.

When our hesitate when, landlord gave us a proposal, follow first add up to the man student that hire to meet to chat, understand the other side to decide to whether want to hire again. Holding in the arms see see also the state of mind of just as well, we agreed with the proposal of landlord.

This schoolboy before, it is we should join the person that hire, accurate for should be a man, he is bigger than us, become in company of a software manager, the person grows a bit lovelily, because have schoolboy mouth rarely so cabinet, deserve to go up again the face of round circle and greatly eye, really adv unimaginably how is he taken when the manager numerous, nevertheless, leave not bad impression to us however. Our talk is happy very, can feeling from inside his the way one speaks or what he says is sedate and reliable, and the person of a bit old man, then we agreed to close hire.
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